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iFastrack Features & Enhancements - Winter 2022

New Email Subject and Body Merge Fields

Applies to:

Std (On-Premise) and Cloud (SaaS) Editions

Email correspondence is a major source of communication for many businesses.

The ability to reliably and safely send emails have quickly become a science with all the many new security protocols and precautions. A part of email security is developing trust with your recipients.

The more information regarding who you are and what the purpose of your email is, the better chances you have of your email not getting forwarded to their spam folder.

Providing additional information on your subject line and body text will help your recipient determine who and what the email is about.

Additional Email Merge Fields Added

Mail merge fields have been added for both Company Defaults for email and Non-compliance letter template email.

View the new merge field instruction popup for usage/examples.

24 Jan, 2023

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