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About GG-One Software

Our Mission



GG-One Software is dedicated to providing outstanding, easy-to-use products for tracking insurance certificates, contracts and a wide variety of related documents. Our personnel are committed to providing the highest standards of professionalism, including friendly and timely customer service, solving customer needs quickly and effectively. We value our customer ideas and feedback and strive to meet their requirements by regularly incorporating suggested enhancements.


In 1983, John Recca, Jr. founded JP & L Software providing custom programming and network support. Later he incorporated and founded Compunet Systems. John recognized a need for software to track insurance certificates after contracting with Dianne Kennedy, a licensed Risk Manager and Certified Insurance Counselor, to write an Insurance Certificate Tracking software for one of her largest clients. He redeveloped that software into a commercial package and marketed Certrak, the first commercial generation of software for tracking certificates. Then came Fastrack, a faster more compact, user-friendly version.


In 1998, John Recca Sr. (a partner in his business) took over the business operations from his son so he can pursue improving his data management and programming skills. Over the years John Sr. provided upgrades based on customer needs and suggestions. Fastrack clients loved the software, as they did John Sr.


On August 9, 2003, John Sr. passed away suddenly. In his honor, the company was formally incorporated and renamed after his favorite train – the GG1.  A powerful engine in the Pennsylvania Railroad, the GG1 is known for it's longevity in pulling large numbers of passenger cars across the eastern seaboard's extensive railroad tracks. Like the train, GG-One Software's iFastrack system is a powerful engine which provides customers an efficient solution for tracking contracts and certificates of insurance across most industries. 


GG-One Software is committed to continuing John Sr.’s dedicated approach to product excellence and customer service. Today iFastrack and eCertrack are used by major corporations and institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada and has become the industry leader for tracking documents/contracts and certificates of insurance.

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