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Software Support

  • Live Support

  • Knowledge-base

  • Training Videos


  • We provide prompt, personalized service!

  • Speak with a live technician knowledgeable in Insurance & Document Tracking Software

  • Technical support and software upgrades included

  • Free training available through integrated videos, tutorials and user guides

Training and Support


 √  Expert support   

 √  Concise, thorough, how-to videos broken down into easy to follow steps   

 √  Regular upgrades driven by customer suggested enhancements and features   

 √  Newsletters with tips, tricks and upgrade announcements

 √  Customer Support Portal 

 √  Online Knowledge-base - available 24 x 7


Helping You Manage Your Risks


Whether you have personnel changes, application questions or station upgrades, we can help. Tracking insurance certificates and contracts is important to managing your business risks and we are here to make sure the process of using our products are easy - saving  you time, money and effort.

Support Questions or Comments

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

GG-One Software, Inc.

Office Hours: M-F  9am - 6pm CT

Closed Weekends


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