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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a web version of your software?

Yes, iFastrack is our web version.

There are 2 product editions, Std Edition (On-Premise) and the Cloud Edition (SaaS, our own internal cloud servers).

The Std Edition is installed on your own computers and managed by your personnel, the Cloud Edition is our SaaS (Software as a Service) where only a web browser is required, is managed by our service team and includes updates and hourly backups. 

See Cloud Edition vs Standard (On-Premise) for more information.

Is there a software package that we can install on our internal Windows Network?

Yes, our eCertrack product is a Windows application installed on your in-house computers and support Microsoft Windows Networks. 


The eCertrack Multi-User package was designed to be accessed via Microsoft Windows stations over Windows LAN networks.

Can your software run on a 64 bit server?

Yes, both iFastrack and eCertrack can run on a 64 bit computers like Windows 10 Pro or above or Windows 2014 – 2019 servers, virtual or physical.

We are interested in upgrading our Fastrack Windows version, can we keep our existing data?

Yes, both iFastrack and eCertrack support importing 100% of the Fastrack data, including documents, transactions and all attachments. If you are on a version of Fastrack older than 7.60.53, you will need to upgrade first (included with purchase). The 7.60.53 has the ability to export all the required data needed to upgrade to iFastrack.

We are a small business and need a web based solution, is there a way for us to use your software without having to buy a web server, SQL server and contract a support company to manage it for us?

Yes, we provide a cloud edition of iFastrack as a complete SaaS (cloud based) option for businesses who want an easy and reliable certificate tracking software without having to invest in hardware and support staff or service. 

Can your Windows based software run on a Citrix or Windows Application server?

​In short Yes, we have several clients successfully running eCertrack in those environments but with that said, installation instructions in those type of environments are beyond the scope of our technical department. Our support department cannot provide direction with that type of installation.

How many users can access your software?

Each software package determines the maximum number of users that can be added to your license. Depending on the package you select, additional users can be added to your license up-to the maximum of the software edition. For example, iFastrack Cloud Edition can have a maximum of 20 users, all on-premise, multi-user packages do not have a limit to the number of users you can optionally add to your license. 

Concurrent access will be dependent on your hardware and network environment.

Does eCertrack support active directories?

Not directly, our software uses Windows Authentication. Active directory group rights are not supported. 

Application login authentication automatically occurs when the software setup is configured for Windows Authentication.

Can I restrict users to view but not change data?


Our software uses role based security.

There are several options for configuring view only rights.

Can I email non-compliance letters?

Yes, depending on your package and licensed options.

(See Software Features Comparison Chart for the packages that support emailing).

If your license includes emailing, enter an email address in the Vendor record and select "Email" as your "Send Letter via" option . The next time you Send Letters, the letter will be automatically emailed.

If the package we select supports emailing, can we use MS Exchange Server for emailing our non-compliance notices?

In short, yes!

We have clients successfully using MS Exchange but we do not directly support it and are not able to provide direct assistance with configurations. 

GG-One software is designed to use basic Microsoft SMTP calls and do not have the provisions to directly handle the many security configurations built into MS Exchange.

How do I know how many vendors to purchase?

Each vendor (named insured) can track unlimited certificates and documents. You will need to determine the maximum number of unique vendors you estimate you will need to manage certificates for in the near future.

You can also purchase additional blocks of 250 vendors at any time down the road as needed, up-to the maximum allowed for the package you purchase.

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