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New Features

12 Dec, 2023

New Quick View - List Last Email Views by Recipients

Show List of all the times last email sent was open by it's recipients

Quickly be able to see how many times your last email (non-compliance issues) sent was opened by it's recipients

27 Nov, 2023

New Letter [Status] Display Switch - Feature

Switch on and off Display of Required Limit Values

Control Displaying Required Limit Values in Letters - Switch:
New switch to turn on and off the additional required policy limit values that list in the [Status] mail-merge field in your non-compliance letters.

Switch can be controlled globally (company level) or over-ridden locally (certificate level).

24 Jan, 2023

New! Controls for Posting Non-Compliance Letters

Skip Select COI's from Posting Some or All Non-Compliance Letters

Quick Select -COI Letters Generation Radio Buttons:
Select a method for how you want to handle generating Non-Compliance letters for a vendor's COI.

This lets you keep a vendor's COI active, which enables the software to continue to maintain the COI's status for audits and reporting while controlling if non-compliance letters should be generated or not.

24 Jan, 2023

Time Stamped Notes

Quickly Add Vendor/Certificate Notes

Quick Add Vendor and Certificate Notes Button:
Time is important. Communication notes aide with vendor logistics and timely follow-up.
Quickly adding and viewing notes can save time in the long run.

View a Summary of your notes at a glance:
Vendor and certificate notes are quickly viewable in summary format with newest to oldest order displayed on their main edit screen. The summary is derived from the entries shown on the Notes tab.

24 Jan, 2023

New Default Email Body Text

Reset to the New Default Email Body Text

New Email Text Added:
Our new default email body text has been implemented to make it easy to update your existing text to better communicate with your email recipients regarding the content and it's importance and to better relay who it is from.

This assists the recipient with better identifying the purpose of the email, increasing their confidence level to ultimately opening your email.

24 Jan, 2023

New Email Subject and Body Merge Fields

Additional Email Merge Fields Added

Email Subject and Body Merge Fields Added:
Lets you display additional pertinent information in your email, to better clarify who it is from and what it is about.

This assists the recipient with better identifying the purpose of the email, increasing their confidence level with ultimately opening your email.

24 Jan, 2023

New Email Feature

Send Adhoc Email

Send adhoc (general communication) emails to a vendor/contact, associated to the vendor:

Send Adhoc (general purpose) emails (with attachments) from the vendor or certificate list screens or vendor edit screen whenever needed for quick communications. A snapshot of the email is saved on the Vendor Email tab within the vendor edit screen, including attachments.

24 Jan, 2023

New Email Feature

Validate Recipient Email

Recipient Email Address Validation:
Validates recipient email addresses for misspellings or bad addresses prior to sending. Addresses that do not meet will prevent the email from being sent. If this occurs in the non-compliance letters, the letter will be printed (no email sent for that contact).

Popup Email Validation Status Dialogue:
(currently available for cloud edition users only)

View status information for email addresses to determine possible issues so they can be remedied.

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