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iFastrack - Key Features

Available as a Cloud (SaaS) Service
or install on your own computers

Insurance Certificate Tracking

Web based, access from any of your computers with an internet connection
Customizable Insurance Requirements
Override individual policy, limit or additional term requirements
Automated Report Scheduler
Track multiple COI's per vendor/sub contractor
Assign COI's to a location or property
New integrated Email Processing and Tracking System (Cloud Only)
Manage Expired and About to Expire Certificates from the Certificates Dashboard
View your certificate statuses graphically from the Statistics Dashboard
Manage multiple entities, certificate holders, divisions, centers or properties separately
Import vendor and insurance data
PDF letter history
Customizable letter templates
Import carrier rating data
Validate carrier minimums
Export to multiple formats
Automated printing or emailing of non-compliance letters
Extensive search and reporting capabilities
Integrated video training

Document/Contract Management

Manage any type of agreement, contract, lease, loan or general document
Track multiple documents/contracts per vendor/sub-contractor
Assign documents/contracts to a location or property
Schedule document action items
Send letters to vendor and document contacts
Basic document workflow
Link COI's to documents/contracts
Monitor financial data
Extensive document search and reporting capabilities


Supports Windows 10, Windows 11, Server 2014 through Server 2019
Microsoft SQL Server backend (data storage)
True Client/Server
Integrated Email Monitoring and Tracking Engine (cloud service only)
Integrated user security
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