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GG-One Software News

Empire Selects iFastrack To Manage Insurance Risks


Empire Southwest has selected the iFastrack software of GG-One Software to manage insurance certificates and contracts. 'iFastrack for the Web' was selected to replace their current service to save money and improve vendor interaction and decision flexibility.


According to GG, iFastrack software allows companies to manage their risk from uninsured contractors, vendors or tenants over the Internet.


Dawn Chadwick, risk manager of Empire Southwest, said: The software is simple and easy to use. It provides us all the necessary tools to effectively manage vendor insurance certificates and in the long term will...


RMC Solutions to Leverage GG-One Software’s Fastrack Product


GG-One Software, Inc. said that RMC Solutions, Mendota Heights, Minnesota has selected GG-One Software's Fastrack product as a tool for managing client insurance certificates.


The software will help RMC Solutions focus on the most neglected aspect of risk management: Proper Risk Transfer, the Company noted in a release.


RMC Solutions provides insurance tracking services for general contractors. The insurance environment is changing as insurance carriers impose more stringent requirements and become less flexible in their underwriting, with coverage being restricted and premiums on the rise. Insurers of general contractors are increasingly attempting to transfer claims...


GG-One Software Announces iFastrack to Help Avoid Insurance Disasters


KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. -- GG-One Software, Inc. announced the worldwide launch of iFastrack, the highly anticipated Internet version of the successful Fastrack software for reducing business risk by tracking insurance certificates and documents.


The iFastrack software allows companies to manage their risk from uninsured contractors, vendors or tenants easily over the Internet. While most companies require proof of insurance at the onset of a contract, few actually track the insurance certificate to ensure that policies haven't lapsed and continue to meet required limit minimums. Without this protection, companies could be held responsible for substantial damages caused by contractors. Most states require Worker's Compensation coverage and consider you responsible for uninsured persons you hire to perform work.


The iFastrack software dramatically reduces...


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