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iFastrack Features & Enhancements - 2023

New Letter [Status] Display Switch - Feature

Sometimes the [Status] mail-merge field can get too cluttered with a lot of accumulated non-compliance issues, controlling whether the additional required limit values are displayed can help clean-up a list containing a lot if issues.

Global setting (located in company record - defaults) will control the [Status] content for all certificate entries that are set to "Use Global Settings" (the Default Setting for all Certs). You can turn the limits display on or off globally or over-ride locally at the certificate level.

See more detail below.

Switch on and off Display of Required Limit Values

The [Status] mail-merge field available in the non-compliance letter templates, list a summary of issues found (or manually reported) on a vendor's COI. If a COI contains a lot of issues or required verbiage or some other requirements that cause the [Status] field to look too cluttered (or if you just want to display minimal information), you can control whether this status information gets listed in the [Status] mail-merge field on your letters.

Global Switch Setting

The global setting, which is located in your {Edit Company Record - Defaults} tab, it's set by default to "ON" but can be turned "OFF". All certificate entries will be set to use the Global Setting but can be over-ridden at the certificate record.

Local Switch Setting

The local switch setting, which is located in the {Edit Certificate Record}, controls whether the record uses the Global Switch Settings or if you want to over-ride the globa setting, you can turning on or off (no matter what the global setting is).

Letter Merge Field [Status] Content Display (Globally / Locally On):

Letter Merge Field [Status] Content Display (Globally / Locally OFF):

Quick review of what will appear in [Status] mail-merge field:

Letter Merge Field [Status] Content Display (Certificate List - Status Dialogue):

Letter Merge Field [Status] Content Display (Edit Certificate - Status Tab):

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