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iFastrack Features & Enhancements - Winter 2022

New Posting Non-Compliance Letters Control

Have you ever needed to continue monitoring COI's for a vendor but no longer wanted to send non-compliance letters to them?

Monitoring active vendor insurance is important for managing risk and maintaining your vendor pool.

Setting a vendor/COI as Inactive is great for keeping your vendor history but this also disables all monitoring and removes it's data from active reporting.

Skip Select COI's from Posting Non-Compliance Letters

We have added the ability to easily disable posting of non-compliance letters for any COI you select.

Keeping the vendor/COI as Active and disabling it's non-compliance letters lets you continue to actively monitor their statuses and keeps your reports up-to-date without having to send them letters. This is especially useful when a vendor is active but not currently working on a job and you may need to consider them for any up-coming projects.

Edit COI and select the Skip Generating Letters radio button. Current Letters posted in the non-compliance queue will be permanently removed until sending letters to them is re-enabled.

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