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iFastrack Features & Enhancements - Winter 2022

New! Controls for Posting Non-Compliance Letters

Have you ever needed to continue monitoring COI's for a vendor but didn't want to send non-compliance letters to them?

Monitoring active vendor insurance is important for managing risk and maintaining your vendor pool.

Setting a vendor/COI as Inactive is great for keeping your vendor history but this also disables all monitoring and removes it's data from active reporting.

Skip Select COI's from Posting Some or All Non-Compliance Letters

We have added the ability to easily disable (some or all) posting of non-compliance letters in the Non-Compliance Letter Queue for any COI you select.

Keeping the vendor/COI as Active and disabling it's non-compliance letters lets you continue to actively monitor their statuses and keeps your reports up-to-date without having to send them letters. This is especially useful when a vendor is active but not currently working on a job and you may need to consider them for any up-coming projects.

Edit COI and select Generate Renewals Only or Skip Generating Letters radio button.

Selecting Generate Renewals Only skips posting non-compliance letters for all conditions except for Expired and About to Expire.

Selecting Skip Generating Letters skips posting non-compliance letters for all non-compliance conditions. Current Letters posted in the non-compliance letter queue will be permanently removed until sending letters to them is re-enabled (selecting Generate Non-Compliance Letters radio button).

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