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iFastrack Software - Key Features

Available as a Cloud (SaaS) Service
or install on your own computers

Insurance Certificate Tracking


  • Web based, access from any of your computers with an internet connection

  • Custom Insurance Requirements

  • Override individual policy, limit or additional term requirements

  • Report Scheduler

  • Track multiple COI's per vendor/sub contractor

  • Assign COI's to a location or property

  • New integrated Email Processing and Tracking System (Cloud Only)

  • Manage Expired and About to Expire Certificates from the Certificates Dashboard

  • View your certificate statuses graphically from the Statistics Dashboard

  • Manage multiple entities, certificate holders, divisions, centers or properties separately

  • Import vendor and insurance data

  • PDF letter history

  • Customizable letter templates

  • Import carrier rating data

  • Validate carrier minimums

  • Export to multiple formats

  • Automated printing or emailing of non-compliance letters

  • Extensive search and reporting capabilities

  • Integrated video training


Document/Contract Management

  • Manage any type of agreement, contract, lease, loan or general document

  • Track multiple documents/contracts per vendor/sub-contractor

  • Assign documents/contracts to a location or property

  • Schedule document action items

  • Send letters to vendor and document contacts

  • Basic document workflow 

  • Relate COI's to documents/contracts
  • Monitor financial data

  • Extensive document search and reporting capabilities



  • Supports Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2012 through Server 2016

  • Microsoft SQL Server data storage 

  • True Client/Server

  • Integrated Email Monitoring and Tracking Engine

  • Integrated user security



Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.


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