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Time Stamped Notes

Quickly Add Vendor/Certificate Notes

By GG-One Software, Inc.

Construction projects can be simple, short term tasks or complex, multi-year endeavors involving millions of dollars. In major projects, numerous outside contractors (and subcontractors) are often hired, even if the overall project is awarded to a large well-known engineering or construction firm. Unless the project is insured in a Wrap Up program (all contractors, subs and subs of subs are insured under one contract for one job), then management cannot presume that all of their contractors are insured continuously through the period of the project.


Enhanced notes features have been added to both vendor and certificate's edit screens.

You can now quickly add a time stamped note to either type.

A summary is updated in their summary text box on the main portion of the screen.

Each entry is listed on their notes tab and can be deleted as needed.

A note can be added from either the new Quick Add button next to the summary list or from their respective Notes Tab.

GG-One Software has been providing insurance certificate tracking software since 1994. Their iFastrack Insurance Certificate Tracking and Document Management product is available in Web and Windows versions. Visit GG-One Software’s website at or email GG-One Software at for more information.



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