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iFastrack Features & Enhancements - 2023

New Quick View - List Last Email Views by Recipients

Being able to see if, when and how many times your non-compliance notification email was actually received and opened can greatly increase your ability to bring your vendors up to compliance and help minimize your risks.

You will know for sure that your vendors are physically receiving your emails and that they are opening them. If your emails are not getting received, you can quickly change your method of communication with those vendors, to ensure your COI's are accurate and up-to-date.

See more detail below.

Show List of all the times last email sent was open by it's recipients

View when and how many times a non-compliance letter that you sent to a particular vendor, was opened.

This gives you more control over your communications process to quickly adjust your method contacting your vendors, ultimately increasing your your ability to keep your COI's up-to-date and compliant.

Clicking on the Date Sent, whether in a list or on an edit screen, will bring up the list of email views for that last lettter sent.

If when clicking on the Date Sent, the list is empty, then you know your vendor may not have receieved it and should make contact via phone to clarify.

Your chances of getting a response back greatly increase knowing they have been opening your emails.

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