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Terms and Conditions

Software Subscription License

How it works

A subscription entitles you to use the current version of the product purchased during your subscription term.


  • Subscriptions can be purchased via company check or credit card (unless otherwise arranged).

  • Subscriptions renewal invoices are automatically emailed out until you cancel.

  • Contact your sales representative to cancel your subscription renewal at any time. Cancelled subscriptions are not prorated.

  • Once cancelled, you may use the purchased product until the end of your subscription term. Once the term has ended, the software will no longer accept logins. Data from your software is still available within your SQL Server, GG-One Software does not have the ability to extract data from your SQL database (On-Premise installations).

  • You may renew an expired subscription at any time but it will be at the current pricing and terms at the time of renewal.



Product Use

You will have access to all versions released during your subscription term. Your product key is the same for all versions. 


  • On-Premise Installations

    • Each license is for installation on a single computer.

    • You may install the purchased product on one machine only. To move the software to a different machine, execute the Setup Wizard and click on "De-activate License". You will not be able to reactivate the license on another machine until this is done. (see below)

    • You must be connected to the Internet in order to activate/deactivate your subscription license. Subscription activations do not work offline.

    • iFastrack is an Web based application and can not run with-out Web connectivity, whether it is Internet or Intranet based connectivity.

    • eCertrack is a Windows based application and is installed on your own computer or network (On-Premise installation).

  • iFastrack - CLoud ( SaaS, software as a service) Installations

    • If iFastrack is Hosted by GG-One Software, iFastrack may be unavailable when we perform system maintenance - normally around 1 am CST.

  • You may submit up to three technical support cases during each subscription month. Unused support cases do not roll over into the next month.



Subscription Term
  • Your subscription period begins when you activate your software license and includes the latest version of your purchased software.

  • Expired subscriptions may be renewed anytime but will be at the rate current at the time.

    • Hosted Subscriptions

      • Once an expired subscription is renewed, your software license is automatically re-actived.

    • On-Premise (non-hosted)  Subscriptions

      • Once an expired subscription is renewed, your software license can be re-activated from the Setup Wizard only.



Moving your license to another machine (On-Premise installations)

You can move your license from one machine to another by running the Setup Wizard from on the desktop from the first machine, selecting De-active License and installing it on the second machine. You must be connected to the Internet so our software can communicate with our license server.



Restoring your installation and license (On-Premise installations)

Your iFastrack software license is tied to your machine name and the signature of your machine. Follow these steps if your hard disk crashes or your installation becomes damaged:


Step 1: Use the Setup Wizard to de-activate your license if it is still installed.


Step 2: Completely delete the installation folder.


Step 3: Download and reinstall your purchased software from the Install-Downloads page on our Member Login site.


Step 4: Reactivate using the Setup Wizard with your product key. You can retrieve product keys anytime from your account on the Member Login site.



Features and programming changes requests

GG-One Software, Inc. does not provide custom programming


If there is something you would like to see incorporated into the software in the future, submit your suggestions to for review. Our Product Development team reviews these submissions regularly for any potential new features to include in periodic updates and any future versions. The number of client requests for a specific feature is taken into consideration for any potential addition to the software, so every request is important. We appreciate any suggestions our clients can provide for ways to improve and expand our software.