iFastrack Features & Enhancements - Fall 2022

New Email Features
Validate Recipient Email & Send Adhoc Email

Recipient Email Address Validation:
Validates recipient email addresses for misspellings or bad addresses prior to sending.

Popup Email Validation Status Dialogue:
View status information for email addresses to determine possible issues so they can be remedied.

Send Adhoc Emails:
Send general communication emails to your vendors, history entries are posted for each email sent.


Email correspondence is a major source of communication for many businesses.

The ability to reliably and safely send emails have quickly become a science with all the many new security protocols and precautions. A part of email security checks is your sender reputation which is becoming more important and protecting that reputation is vital to successful email communications.

iFastrack has incorporated provisions to assist with address validation and your sender reputation (see more detail below).