eCertrack (Windows) - Available this Fall

Fastrack for Windows is one of our most popular products and has been out since the early 1990's.
We are currently in the process of completely re-writing our Windows product to bring it to the most current technology today and giving it all the power and flexability of our Flagship web product - iFastrack.

Stay tuned for our introduction of eCertrack.

Insurance Certificate Tracking

  • Define custom insurance categories for required policies, limits and additional terms
  • Print/email* follow-up letters for policy expirations, limit issues and missing policies or additional terms
  • Enter special notes to appear on letter
  • A duplicate letter created 30 days later if no response received (user defined period)
  • Customize your Insurance follow-up letter template
  • Enter unlimited miscellaneous notes for each vendor
  • Override individual requirements for policies, limits and terms
  • Check A.M. Best carrier ratings
  • Import/export using Excel (xls formats only)
  • Attach unlimited documents (jpg, bmp, gif, pdf, doc, xls)
  • Easy to use Passwords and Permissions system (optional)
  • Audit Trail maintained by vendor listing additions, changes, and letters sent
  • Change system defaults using Program Setup
  • Can be used separately or with Document/Contract Tracking
  • Comprehensive insurance management reporting system.

Document/Contract Management

Fastrack offers the ability to manage both documents and insurance certificates. Documents can include agreements such as contracts, leases or loans. Use the unlimited action items to track Bond expirations, receipt of W-9 and 1099 forms along with other items requiring follow-up or notation. Print reports listing documents approved, soon-to-expire / expired, and closed. Action item reports are available for due soon / past due or soon-to-expire / expired. Each action item can have an attachment for historical reference.

  • Tracking for contract approval date, expiration date and action item dates
  • Monitor financial data for total value, amount paid and balance due
  • Ability to enter unlimited action items per contract
  • Each action Item contains:
  • Item number and description
  • Due date, Completion date and Tracking Date
  • Contract award/change control amounts and amounts paid
  • Ability to attach external document (jpg, bmp, gif, doc, pdf, xls)
  • Freeform notes.
  • Links between the contract and vendor insurance certificate
  • Can be used separately or with Insurance Certificate Tracking
  • Comprehensive contract reporting system.